Eazydread launches Seychelles debut album


Jean-Paul ‘Eazydread’ BonifaceBesides his well-developed artistic abilities, the album also showcases Seychelles-born Eazydread’s technical mastery of audio productions.

The album has been produced in collaboration with the backing band of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – former producer of Bob Marley – and the brass section of Mad Professor. 

It has been self-produced by Eazydread’s label, B-One Productions, and was mixed in London.

It also features a remixed version of the track Oh Repiblik by Peter ‘Bones’ Boniface – Eazydread’s uncle – a local star of the 80s.

Praised by famous DJ Papa Face – owner and manager of Dub Vendor – on Colourful Radio in the UK, Step into Zion reached number 11 in the US on the first week of its release on the net, in the independent reggae category.

Eazydread’s music carries a peaceful and positive message universally, while preserving a certain Seychellois authenticity and identity.

Very diversified in style, the album ranges from some very mellow acoustic lovers and roots reggae to more digital dub, bashment or even rap titles.

According to Eazydread, the common link on the album – which has been produced specifically for Seychelles – is the love of Rastafari and life expressed by Jamaican musical influences. This, he said, is regardless of political opinion, race or social status. Brilliantly composed, it also showcases the artist’s technical abilities in the studio.

In 2003 he released a drum and bass record under his electronic music label called Spektakillaz, which propelled him to number three on the French chart in this category.

Although he left the country at the age of 14, the talented artist has always found inspiration from his tropical roots.
He produces and mixes island-style reggae at the edge of dub and he sings in both Creole and English. He has been performing live and producing music around Europe for more than a decade.

His main aim is to bring the album to his home country, regardless of anything else.
His future plans include a Seychelles tour and to set up his B-One Productions label to scout for and produce Seychellois artists.

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