Nurses focus on innovation to mark international day


The focus will be on a new approach to healthcare as the Nurses Association of the Republic of Seychelles (Nars) marks the day – Tuesday May 12.

The theme this year is: Delivering quality, serving communities: nurses leading care innovation. This recognises that nurses are well placed to come up with new solutions that will make a real difference to the day-to-day lives of patients and of the wider communities.

The celebrations start today with a half-day conference at the International Conference Centre on promoting and supporting innovative culture in the workplace.

Nurses will have the chance to debate the challenges they are now facing in their workplaces and how they can find new solutions to address them.

A consultant from the International Council for Nurses will address the conference which, in the spirit of this year’s national theme Koste Seselwa (Come Together Seychellois), will be led by nurses in different fields of work.

One possible key innovation is that nurses here are now looking at introducing a framework for nurses to prescribe medication, which would lead not only to timely interventions but allow doctors to dedicate more time to complex medical cases.

This approach will provide timely, fair, safe and effective health services, while at the same time containing cost.

Another important event to mark the international day will be the graduation of 14 nurses who followed the one-year course in leadership and management under the Leadership for Change programme. This will be held tomorrow at the National Institute of Education’s conference room.

Other activities will include a church service, a community activity at the Anse Boileau home for the elderly, education of nurses on periodic registration, flag distribution and a social gathering for retired nurses.

The Leadership for Change programme is being run by Nars in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Development to develop nurses as effective leaders and managers. Using a “learning by doing” method, it allows for leadership development through hands-on experience so as to improve healthcare delivery.


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