Small Enterprise Promotion Agency (Senpa)-Craftsmen learn more about using natural fibres


People taking part were already working in this field or wanted to learn new ways of using these raw materials.

A first group of 30 followed the training, offered by the Small Enterprise Promotion Agency (Senpa), and was organised at the request of small craft businesses, especially those working with fibre.

Mrs Valmont addressing those present at the start of the training

Through the workshop, entitled Exploring Techniques, they were introduced to raw materials used for crafts products – such as vacoa, vetiver and raffia.

The group also learned how to prepare, design and make the finished products using these fibres.

Fleurange Gilbert from La Digue led the workshop and shared new techniques with the trainees.

Senpa’s chief executive Sylvianne Valmont talked about the importance of such workshops.

“We are in a time when a lot of emphasis is being put on local products, and Senpa’s objective is to promote these products,” she said.

Some of the craftspersons sharpening their skills during the workshop last week

“At this difficult time it is important to find ways to help with our economic and social development.”

She said Senpa’s focus for this year is on training courses in different fields and called on others to take the chance to broaden their knowledge and improve their products.

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