IP telephony – the way forward


IP telephony can be easily described as making telephone calls over the internet, no matter whether traditional telephony devices, multimedia PCs or dedicated terminals take part in the calls and no matter whether the calls are entirely or only partially transmitted over the internet. IP telephony service providers include the popular Skype, which is used in all corners of the world. The technology involved in IP telephony allows providers to charge their subscribers lower rates for their services compared to those using services from companies providing the traditional telephone lines (PSTN). In some cases rates can be as much as 50% cheaper.

While the low cost is the main reason why so many people are turning to this new technology, IP telephony comes with many more benefits than the normal PSTN services.

Flexibility is another advantage – a customer can have several VoIP lines on a single broadband connection. The service is very secure as voice conversation can be encrypted, again something which is practically impossible on traditional phone lines.

Since in most instances IP telephony only requires a broadband connection, its users can move with their service and phone number to anywhere that has a broadband connection. Whether they go to a friend next door or on a business trip overseas, the clients will have the option to use the service and still get the benefits of making a phone call at a cheaper rate. Despite all these benefits, the voice quality of the IP telephony service is rarely compromised.

Kokonet, the local Internet Service Provider that has been providing wireless broadband connections with unlimited data transfer for the past nine years, has recently launched its IP telephony service branded Kokotalk.
Kokotalk uses the latest in technology to give the clearest of calls and an abundance of features. Kokonet’s recent upgrade of its wireless network, coupled with the reservation of adequate bandwidth for its IP telephony service, means the voice quality of Kokotalk is second to none.

By contrast, the quality of “free” VoIP services like Skype depends very much on the vagaries of the internet connection.

Kokotalk is now offering the most cost-effective rates for both local and international phone calls. This allows its users to make huge savings on their phone bills, especially now that companies, families and individuals are finding ways to cut costs. Parents with children studying abroad, businesses with overseas contacts, expatriates working here, all should benefit from using Kokotalk.

Visit the Kokonet sales office in the Pirates Arms Arcade or contact them on 610500 for more information on their Kokotalk service.

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