Gymnastic: Floor competition-Duval, Corgatte and Pierre take floor routines


Seychelles Gymnastics Federation chairman David was speaking at the end of Saturday’s first competition – the floor competition – of the season at the Roche Caïman Omni-Sports Gym.

Duval performs her routine

The male and female gymnasts of the top category executed some tough but short routines like the Thomas flair, round-off double backward salto back round-off, and the hand spring somersault in their optional exercises.

Three-time female gymnast of the year Elvir Duval scored 8.9 points out of 10 after performing a round-off flac body straight followed by a hand spring somersault, a round-off flac (x2) followed by a body peak.

“It was an easy exercise and the competition was OK,” said 12-year-old Duval, whose father Barry Duval – himself a gymnast –, works with the young gymnasts as coach on a part-time basis.

Deera Charles finished second with 8.5 points in the girls group A, which was missing June Joubert and Danielle Richardson.

The girls’ B category was won by Murielle Corgatte with 6.0 points out of seven. She was followed in second, third and fourth places by Lisa Mémé (5.8), Kelly Tambara (5.0) and Shamela Boniface (4.8).

With gymnast of the year Ryan Dubois sidelined with a foot injury, his cousin Leeroy Pierre made the most of the opportunity to take first place in the boys’ A division.

With good strength, flexibility and balance, he pulled off a round-off double backward salto back, a back somersault to push-up position, a round-off twist and a round-off flac body straight en route to posting a score of 9.6 points out of 10 from the judges.

“I made the most of my cousin’s absence to win today (Saturday). I was determined to get a win and I surprised myself as I stayed well on my feet after I executed my routine,” the 16-year-old told Sports Nation.

With 9.1 points, Jean-Yves Stravens finished second, Denis Khan was third with 8.9 and Joel Gomme fourth with 8.7.

Airborne Pierre pulls off a round-off double backward salto back

Sheldon Constance was ranked first in the boys’ B category with 7.2 points, while Praslinois Laurent Morel (7.1) and Danny Oreddy (7.0) finished second and third.

Gymnasts are awarded points – 60 for first place, 50 for second, 40 for third, 30 for fourth, 20 for fifth and 10 for the other positions – according to their final positions in each of the series and at the end of the season, the points will be added up to decide the final placings.

A set floor exercise lasts between 70 and 90 seconds and it includes set elements including, jumps, leaps, spins and tumbles.

Women always perform routines to music and a floor routine must have a variety of leaps, jumps, tumbles and turns.

For the boys, each routine must combine movements such as somersaults, twists and leaps but their routines are not set to music.

Scores are based on difficulty, artistry, demonstration of required elements and overall performance quality.

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