President pays tribute to nurses of Seychelles


In a message to mark International Nurses’ Day today, the President said:
“I would like, first of all, to thank all Seychellois nurses for their everyday smile. Thank you for the friendliness and courtesy towards the people – especially the sick, the aged, the children – under your loving care.

“This year, the International Council of Nurses has chosen to celebrate the role of nursing in healthcare innovations. The theme is: Delivering quality, serving communities: nurses leading care innovations.

“Care innovation depends in part on the ability of nurses to recognise the need to come up with tangible, cost-effective solutions that bring improvements in the health of patients and communities.

“Governments the world over are concerned about the health and wellbeing of their citizens. The institution of a free healthcare service is one of our great social achievements.

“Without a healthy population, the economic prosperity of a country can be seriously impaired. Nurses and midwives play a central role in the provision of healthcare services, both preventive and curative. Nurses and midwives are the backbone of health service delivery.

“In the modern Seychelles we are building, nurses are excellently positioned to advise on cost-effectiveness in healthcare. You are uniquely placed to come up with new ideas and methods to cope with modern-day challenges.

“You are encouraged to come together and share ideas on proposals for the cost-effective and innovative health delivery service we are all seeking. The people of Seychelles know they can count on your valuable contribution to have a health delivery system that will respond better and faster to the challenges of the ever-changing world.

“This is also the occasion to reflect on your work, reflect on achievements and on improvements that can be made, reflect on how, together, we can achieve the best possible healthcare for every Seychellois. 

“Nursing is an honourable profession. It is work full of compassion and love. It is about commitment and dedication. Nurses are also the comforting arm of our healthcare service, a great help to the community. That is why our people will always be appreciative of the good work you are doing.
“I wish all nurses and midwives a happy day.”

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