Educators and parents should unite to boost learning – Minister Shamlaye


Minister for Education Bernard Shamlaye said this during a special assembly yesterday atMinister Shamlaye addressing the students of Plaisance secondary yesterday morning Plaisance secondary school to mark the start of the second term of the academic year.

The gathering was attended by principal secretary for education Jeanne Simeon, chairperson of the school’s Parents Teachers Association Idney Basset, as well as the district administrators of Les Mamelles, Roche Caïman, Cascade and Plaisance.

Mr Shamlaye said it is important for teachers to share a common vision and work together to achieve the goals they have set.

He explained that a ‘whole school’ approach, with everyone working in harmony, will bring better results sooner and lighten the load of each one.

He said his presence and that of other senior ministry officials is proof of the ministry’s support for the management, staff and students of the school.

“And we have come to encourage you to improve in everything you have to do as students, as teachers, as a school and to encourage you to do your very best – as your school motto says – to Strive for Excellence,” he said.

Mr Shamlaye reminded the students that 17 years ago – Monday June 1, 1992, the day the school was officially opened by President France Albert Rene – Plaisance Secondary School was expected to set high standards of scholarship, motivation, discipline and cooperation that other schools would want to follow.

He said the school was seen as a pioneer, leading the way for other schools.
“This is symbolised in your school emblem that you wear on your pocket showing an open book and the rising sun. The rising sun heralds a new day, a new beginning, a renewal,” he added.  

He asked the students to sit down and think about whether their school has lived up to expectations and been a model for other schools, and about how successful it is as a school.

He also reminded those present that it is not only the minister and PS of education who are interested in the answers to these questions.

“I’m sure the management of the school, the teachers, the parents, the communities of Plaisance, Les Mamelles, Roche Caïman and Cascade are – and so must be the students,” he said.

Headteacher Marie-Cecile Benstrong reminded members of staff that though the second term is usually hectic, with many activities, they should not forget their priorities in terms of learning, which remains the main focus of the school.

She said the results of the first term have given them much hope and encouragement. On the other hand, she urged students who have not performed well to work harder so as to improve their results and live up to the school’s dream of striving for excellence.

In his words of reflection, Deacon Louis Agathine asked the students to adopt a spirit of unity and solidarity throughout the term. This, he said, will bring them closer to God and will help them to excel academically.

He also asked them to use this year’s national theme – Koste Seselwa (Come Together Seychellois) – as a guide to better their behaviour and boost their academic performance.

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