Youth hostel celebrates 10th anniversary


Mr Alphonse addressing guests and students at the ceremony on Saturday to mark the hostel’s 10th anniversary

The hostel, at Anse Royale, was officially opened on April 14, 1999 by then Minister for Education Danny Faure and has since been a second home to students from Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette who follow courses at post-secondary institutions.

Among those attending the event were Minister for Education Bernard Shamlaye, principal secretary Jeanne Simeon, hostel manager Roger Alphonse, members of staff, past students, current residents and their parents.

Father David Alcindor was also there to give a blessing to the hostel, the young residents and workers.
During the ceremony, three long-serving staff were presented with certificates for their commitment and contribution to the students’ welfare over the years.

The audience also had the chance to watch a documentary film depicting life at the hostel, and an exhibition was set up inside showing different groups of students and their activities from 1999 until the present day. Two cakes made especially for the occasion were shared out.

Students displayed their talents through a variety show, which included song and dance performances and a fashion parade.
In his opening address, Mr Alphonse said the government’s decision to build the hostel was one of the best initiatives taken for young people and he thanked it for the budget allocation.

He also said there is a need for renovation at the hostel, especially of the equipment and facilities.
“We ask the private sector and parents to contribute towards the renovation project to help create a more comfortable environment for the residents,” he said.

“The hostel is working on mechanisms to liaise with parents and other stakeholders through a hostel management committee.”
The committee will include representatives of the hostel management, Ministry of Education, parents, districts and private sector, he added.

Mr Alphonse called on parents to work more closely with the institution and show more concern for their children.
Minister Shamlaye said it is important for parents to join the hostel and work with the same aim of helping the young residents.

He said his ministry is now having talks with the Ministry of Finance about renovating and upgrading the hostel.
“We are committed to ensure that the new groups of students can have a pleasant home here while undertaking their studies in the post-secondary institutions,” he said.

He thanked all members of staff, organisations, agencies, ministries and individuals who are supporting the hostel.

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