Opposition leader thanks nation’s nurses


He said he wanted to thank them for their devotion in ensuring that our people receive the best care, especially when they are most in need.

“The theme chosen for this year’s celebration is centred right at the heart of this noble profession,” he said.
“As you deliver quality service to your patients, you are indeed serving the community in the best way possible. A healthy nation is a vibrant and productive one. This is what our country needs, and your contribution in bringing this about is very much appreciated.”

Mr Ramkalawan said nurses are called on to lead in delivering care, an integral part of their vocation.
“Seeing somebody through pain and bringing consolation are qualities that only those who are called to be part of this caring community can deliver. You show us over and over again that yours is a career that transforms sickness into wellness, weakness into strength and discouragement into hope.

“Rest assured that you have the full support of our people as you go about your daily duties. As you take some time to celebrate your day, may you be given further encouragement to fulfil the task you have embarked on.
“Have a happy Nurses’ Day!”

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