Ministers to pursue legal action against Weekly


This follows the failure of the newspaper to publish a retraction of allegations of corruption it made against the cabinet.

A press release from the President’s Office yesterday said the cabinet acknowledges the importance of press freedom in Seychelles and is not seeking to silence newspapers, as long as their reporting practices are fair, responsible and accurate.

Making unfounded allegations against any individuals or groups is illegal under the law.

The cabinet of ministers asserts that the allegations were made without any proof of wrongdoing, and by printing the article Le Nouveau Seychelles Weekly, in its edition of April 10, 2009, tarnished the image of all the ministers and lessened their credibility in the eyes of the public.

The cabinet considers this an abuse of the constitutional right to free speech and a political ruse to discredit the ministers and the government they serve.

The solicitors pursuing the action are Hoareau and Chetty Chambers.

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