• Poems may be written in any style: classical, modern, contemporary or postmodern.

• Poems may be in French, Kreol or English and must not exceed 50 lines per poem.

• All poems should be submitted typed.
• A poet may submit a maximum of three poems. However, only the best poem will be selected for publication because of limitation of space. In the case of available space some of the better submissions will be given the extra space, at the discretion of the editorial committee. No poet will be given any preferential treatment other than satisfying the criteria discussed in this article by the chief editor.

• Kindly ensure your name is typed three spaces below your poem to the right.

• Kindly attach the following information about you on a separate sheet of paper: Name, residential/postal address, and telephone number. Do not forget to attach small passport or half-size recent photo of you, as well as some brief but pertinent information about yourself to accompany your poem in the magazine.

• e-mail your submissions as an attachment to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• Or hand it in to Cindy Asba at the National Arts Council or at the Alliance Française.
• Please note that poets are not paid or remunerated for any submissions.

• Please retain copies of your poems because we cannot afford to send them back to you.

• Poems may also be considered for re-publication with the consent of the poet later on the Seychelles National Arts Council website Literature link, which is currently under construction.

• The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2009. Late submissions will definitely not be considered.

• Please note carefully that failure to adhere strictly to the submission guidelines will mean that your work will be disqualified.

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