Julie’s biscuits given out for free


The free gifts are part of the latest moves to show consumers how good the products are and give them a chance to try the full range of biscuits. 

A total of 50,000 packets were put aside for free distribution in sets of 10,000. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at the 4pm rush hour, Julie’s gave out the first 20,000 packets at the bus terminal.

Distributing the biscuits at the bus terminal on Wednesday

Yesterday another 10,000 were handed out at the Marine Charter parking area, and today will see them distributed in the Victoria market area.
On Monday the last 10,000 packets will be given away at the bus stop near the Barrel discotheque.

Julie’s biscuits are made in Alor Gajah, Malaysia, by the Perfect Foods Company and are exported to over 30 countries.

The local firm importing them – Communications Singapore Pty Limited – is owned by Arasu Karuppiah and a Seychellois partner, who say they want consumers to know the biscuits are very affordable and good value for their money.

According to Mr Arasu, the owners of Perfect Foods Malaysia and its marketing director Martin Ang are selling the world-class biscuits at below market price to support the people of Seychelles and help cut the cost of living.

When the next shipment arrives in the country shortly, biscuits will be given to various religious organisations, school children and orphanages.

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