Protecting children from misuse of technology


Among the potential dangers are breaches of children’s privacy, sexual predators online, Younger people take to modern technology far more comfortably and confidently, but they may not be fully aware of the hazards that it can posepeople disguising their true identities online and children being filmed – for example on a mobile phone – without their knowledge.

The Safe Technology Committee is running the awareness programme to mark World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, which this year has the theme: Protecting children in cyberspace.

There was a special radio phone-in on the subject on AM radio yesterday, and new radio spots will be broadcast during next week. Promotional video films and a documentary on safe technology will also be shown, and Cable & Wireless is promoting a workshop linked to the theme.

The committee, formed over two years ago, is dedicated to promoting the safe use of technology in Seychelles. To date it has organised workshops for teachers and employers on the theme of safe technology, produced an education pack for all secondary schools in Seychelles, produced an employers’ sample code of conduct, video slots and a full-length programme, all broadcast on SBC television, set up a website, and given support and advice to parents and children.

The committee said in a press release yesterday that modern technology can be bewildering, particularly to the older generations who have not grown up with computers and mobile phones.

Younger people take to it far more comfortably and confidently, but they may not be fully aware of the hazards that technology can pose.

Images can be published on access websites, causing a great deal of pain and heartache for those affected.

The education programme seeks to protect young people from making poor decisions with their technology and to ensure their personal wellbeing.

Technology is an extremely powerful tool and its importance in the everyday lives of most people is considerable.

So it is essential that people understand the hazards that can be associated with its use, including the legal implications for misuse, the committee said.

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