Seychelles starts bid to rejoin world trade body


Mr Morin (right) presents Mr Osakwe with Seychelles’ Memorandum of Foreign Trade Regime It has officially presented its Memorandum of Foreign Trade Regime, a stepping stone towards talks to re-enter the WTO after its membership was suspended in 1997.  

The document was presented by Charles Morin, chief negotiator for WTO accession, to the director of the WTO Accessions Division, Chedu Osakwe, on Friday May 8.

The memorandum gives members of the WTO a “snapshot” of the current economic situation in Seychelles, with a focus on the fiscal, monetary and trade policy of the country, and includes economic strategies the government is expected to carry out in the short and long term.

WTO members will then have the chance to ask questions on the current economic situation and the government’s trade policies affecting goods – including agricultural and other industrial products – services and intellectual property.

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