Weightlifting-Four records fall in Open Championship


Thélermont improved her 63kg snatch and clean-and jerk records with lifts of 82kg and 96kgKatsia Télémaque (women’s senior 48kg category), Clementina Agricole (women’s senior 53kg category), Janet Thélermont (women’s senior 63kg category), and Dominique Ferley (male junior 105+kg category) rewrote the record books inside the Freedom Square Gym on a hot Saturday afternoon.

Three-time former Sportswoman of the Year Thélermont, who has dropped to the lighter 63kg category, improved her own previous bests with lifts of 82kg in snatch and 96kg in clean-and-jerk. Her old bests were 75kg and 95kg set on November 25, 2006 at Victoria Gymnasium.

In fact, she snatched 76kg and 80kg in her first two attempts to finish with an Olympic total of 178kg.

Thélermont, who holds Seychelles records in the 69kg and 75kg divisions, said she did not expect such a performance to win the best lifter award.

“Today (Saturday) was kind of a trial for me in the 63kg after the long absence in this division. I’ve not been training regularly and have lost weight. As I competed I felt I could attempt to break the records and I did it,” the 30-year-old told Sports Nation.

Télémaque, 20, added 1kg to her women’s 48kg category snatch record to bring it to 62kg and she did it on her third try.

“It was an easy lift although I’m suffering from a knee injury,” said Télémaque, who finished with an Olympic total of 132kg after her 70kg performance in the clean-and-jerk.

Agricole, new snatch record of 73kg

Like Thélermont, Agricole improved her old snatch record of 67kg three times with lifts of 68kg, 70kg and 73kg. But she flirted with the clean-and-jerk record as she cleaned but failed to jerk the 93kg load.
With 90kg in the clean-and-jerk, the 20-year-old finished with an Olympic total of 163kg.

“I’m satisfied with my performance after just two training sessions. I can’t do much as I don’t have enough time to train,” she said.

Télémaque got a snatch best of 62kg

Competing in the junior male 105+ category, Dominic Ferley established a new snatch record of 120kg, beating the national standard of 117.5kg.

After sustaining an elbow injury in his third snatch attempt at 125kg, Ferley failed his first try at 140kg in the clean-and-jerk and decided not to go on with the competition.

Dominic Ferley beat the national standard with 120kg

“I’m quite happy with my performance. Had I not sustained the injury, I’m sure I would have done well in the clean-and-jerk. I’m optimistic for the future,” said Ferley.

The following are the complete results of the championship:
Katsia Télémaque 48kg senior (132kg in total, 62kg snatch and 70kg clean-and-jerk),

Jessy Sifflore 48kg senior (90kg in total, 40kg snatch and 50kg clean-and-jerk),

Ruby Malvina 48kg senior (70kg in total, 0kg snatch and 70kg clean-and-jerk),

Clementina Agricole 53kg senior (163kg in total, 73kg snatch and 90kg clean-and-jerk);

Janet Thélermont 63kg senior (178kg in total, 82kg snatch and 96kg clean-and-jerk),

Genie Victor 77+kg cadette (100kg in total, 45kg snatch and 55kg clean-and-jerk),

Rick Confiance 56kg cadet (95kg in total, 40kg snatch and 55kg clean-and-jerk),

Christopher Ferley 69kg cadet (145kg in total, 65kg snatch and 80kg clean-and-jerk),

Eddy Labiche 77kg cadet (100kg in total, 45kg snatch and 55kg clean-and-jerk),

Charles Siméon 77kg senior (235kg in total, 100kg snatch and 135kg clean-and-jerk),

Terrence Dixie 85kg senior (272kg in total, 122kg snatch and 150kg clean-and-jerk),

Robert Kilindo 105+kg (260kg in total, 120kg snatch and 140kg clean-and-jerk),

Dominic Ferley 105+kg junior (120kg in total, 120kg snatch and 0kg clean-and-jerk),

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