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World Metrology Day is celebrated worldwide every May 20, and this year’s theme is: Underpinning economic development.

Metrology is used in our everyday lives without us realising it. The price of traded goods is derived from the quantity involved, which is usually determined by measurements. Correct prices obviously depend on correct measurements. To achieve correct measurements it is necessary to verify or calibrate measuring instruments.

In addition to quantity, the quality of goods and their conformity to standards are essential concepts in international trade.

Metrology is used in different fields. In healthcare it is used to ensure that the composition and dosage of medications are carefully measured to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Where food is concerned, it is used to ensure that food and water supplies are carefully measured to ensure quality and fair distribution.

In goods, it ensures that the products and services are carefully measured to ensure their value and safety. Where energy is concerned, it ensures that energy supplies are carefully measured to promote efficiency and proper billing.

In Seychelles there is an Act called the Weights and Measures Act, which came into force on August 1, 1981.

Consumers are also responsible for ensuring that the proper standards are kept in relation to weights and measures. It is the obligation of consumers to verify that equipment used in trade and commerce is certified by the SBS.

When we shop, we have to make sure that the quantity indicated on the packet is the actual weight of the commodity. We can do that by asking the shopkeeper to weigh the pre-packed item in our presence.

In a lot of shops the scales are kept in a store room or behind the counter, where the consumer cannot verify the actual weight of the commodity. This practice is not acceptable, and consumers should insist that they can verify the weight.

On World Metrology Day, Natcof is calling on everyone to ensure that the Weights and Measures Act of Seychelles is taken into consideration so as to better protect consumers.  

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