Anglican mission visits Seychelles


The Anglican mission from Australia

The Sharing of Ministries Abroad (Soma) group has been active for 30 years with bases in 11 countries.
Soma’s aim is to encourage local churches and congregations, and to foster renewal in the Holy Spirit so people may be empowered to lead a Christian life.

The visit, under the theme Live Life to the Fullest, has been planned for a year, and Bishop Wong and Archbishop Ernest have worked closely together on the project.

Executive officer of Soma Australia Bruce Moon said they have been to Madagascar and Mauritius in the last 12 months, and this is their first visit to Seychelles.

Mr Moon and his team have taken part in various activities while here, including the 26th Aids Candlelight Memorial last weekend and two days of retreat for the clergy.

Other events planned include meeting interested leaders of the Anglican Church on Mahe. During the coming week, the delegates will also be on Praslin, and for three days at Holy Saviour’s Church, Anse Royale.

“We come in under the bishop’s authority, but anybody is welcome to our meetings,” said Mr Moon.
He added that the Soma group will be teaching at St Paul’s Cathedral in Victoria and Holy Saviour’s. The team are inviting all those who wish to attend the sessions, which started yesterday and will be on for three days from 4pm to 7pm.

Those interested will learn more about the Bible, God’s call to men and how to develop a better relationship with Him.
Mr Moon said God wants to empower us with his Holy Spirit so we can live a more powerful Christian life.

The mission will also take part in a Youth Rally – from 1pm to 3pm on Saturday May 23 and on Pentecost Day, May 31 – at St Paul’s, which is this year celebrating its 150th anniversary.

For the Pentecost Day rally there will be a service involving all the Anglican groups in the communities, which will be held under the theme Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

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