Good turnout for World Athletics Day Meet


They finished with 118 points – 11 more than runners-up Top Racers (107 points), while Mont Fleuri secondary school finished third with 71 points.

The competition was open to under-16s and under-18s in the male and female categories.
Young athletes from schools around the country competed in track and field events like shot put, high jump, long jump, 80m, 150m, 1,000m and 80m.

They received promotional items such as T-shirts, pins, posters and certificates given to all athletics federations by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

The Seychelles Athletics Federation gave out medals to the top-three finishers in each event on the programme.
The names of all the winners will be sent to the IAAF to enter the World Athletics Day 2009 draw.

The following are the event winners of last Saturday’s meet: Ryan Benstrong (male U16 1,000m in 3:05.2), Stephanie Underwood (female U16 1,000m in 3:43.5), Randolph Prudence (male U18 1,000m in 3:20.3), Yana Malbrook (female U16 80m in 10.9 seconds), Daniel Lesperance (male U16 60m in 9.8 seconds), Matty Molta (female U18 80m in 10.6 seconds), Samuel Maria (male U18 80m in 9.5 seconds), Stephanie Agathe (female U16 150m in 21.3 seconds), Marius Vinda (male U16 150m in 17.3 seconds), Marie-Michelle Athanase (female U18 150m in 19.7 seconds), Sylvain Finesse (male U18 150m in 17.8 seconds), Alex Lucas (male U16 shot put with 8.84m), Marie-Helen Rose (female U16 shot put with 10.00m), Alissa Perrine (female U18 shot put with 6.45m), Ronny Bristol (male U18 shot put with 13.82m) Melina Crispin (female U16 long jump with 4.47m), Alex Confait (male U18 long jump with 6.08m), Laurent Bouchereau (male U18 high jump with 1.65m), Natifa Marengo (female U16 high jump with 1.25m) and Yannick Maria (male U16 high jump with 1.65m).

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