Simplified version of Constitution published


The new document contains provisions of the highest law of the land and should be used as a reference point and source of information regarding our rights and freedoms under the law.

Apart from upholding the sovereignty of our nation, it enshrines our fundamental values and sets out a framework under which the people have agreed to govern themselves.

Vice-President Belmont (right) presents a copy of the simplified document to Minister Shamlaye

The simplified version of the Constitution was initiated by the 2008 National Theme Steering Committee set up by President James Michel to promote last year’s national theme – Nou Konstitisyon, lavwa nou Nasyon.
The main idea is to make the Constitution understandable to non-lawyers in a simple manner, using language of a non-technical nature as far as possible. Technical terms have been kept only when replacing them would damage the concept being explained.

Vice-President Joseph Belmont – chairman of the National Theme Steering Committee – presented Minister for Education Bernard Shamlaye with a copy of the document recently at State House.

Present were Minister for Community Development, Youth, Sports and Culture Vincent Meriton, principal secretary for education Jeanne Simeon, members of the last year’s steering committee, officials from the Ministry of Education and representatives of Printec Press Holdings.

Accepting the document, Mr Shamlaye congratulated all those who contributed towards its publication.

He reassured them that its true significance will be noticed once students, young people and older members of society get the chance to read it.

He explained that at a time when the ministry is putting much emphasis on citizenship education in schools, the new document will be an ideal tool for teachers, as well as the perfect aid for students.

Mr Shamlaye proposed that the simplified Constitution be translated into the two other national languages – Creole and French.

He also sent a message to all citizens, especially the youth, asking them to study the preamble of the Constitution so that as a nation we can use its words as a source of inspiration in our everyday life.

The simplified document was worked on by lawyers Bernard Georges and Joel Camille alongside Master and Registrar of the Supreme Court Melchior Vidot. It was printed by Printec Press Holdings and costs R50.

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