First Port Bazaar arranged for cruise ship passengers


The meeting was held at the Seychelles Tourism Board at Bel Ombre and headed by the director of tourism marketing, Alain St Ange.

The first Port Bazaar is scheduled for August 27 when two cruise ships are expected in Port Victoria. It will be held along the New Port road and in the car park outside the New Port gates.

Traders and craftsmen are encouraged to come and sell their products in the open bazaar, with an emphasis on the quality of products.

Port Bazaar discussions under way

There will also be entertainment to attract passengers to the bazaar and make them feel welcome in the country.

Other partners represented at the meeting included the Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) – the joint leader of the project – local destination management companies (DMCs), the National Arts Council, the Small Enterprise Promotion Agency, the Mayor of Victoria’s Office and shipping handling agents.

Mr St Ange said there is a great need to create something for cruise ship passengers who disembark in Seychelles, especially during the weekends when there are few other activities in Victoria.

On many occasions, he explained, passengers find themselves stranded at the port if they have opted out of day excursions and other activities organised by the DMCs.

The bazaar would appeal to them, as well as to other passengers who can stop by after coming in from their tours and excursions.

At the same time, the bazaar would become an attraction for other tourists holidaying in Seychelles.

Mr St Ange asked all partners to bring their ideas together and to help organise something that will stay and make a name for itself, and which passengers will look forward to when coming to Seychelles.

All partners agreed this is a very good initiative, especially since talks have been held in the past to organise such an activity but it has never materialised.

Lieutenant Colonel Andre Ciseau from the SPA also expressed his appreciation for the bazaar and said they would give their full support and remain an active partner. He repeated Mr St Ange’s call that everyone should bring their views forward as it will benefit Seychelles in the end.

The organisers are hoping the bazaar will grow and develop into a popular activity by the time the cruise ship season starts again towards the end of the year.

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