Artist thanks sponsors for Aids song support


Entitled Let’s Come Together in the Fight Against Aids, it was released during the 26th AidsSonny Dogley Candlelight Memorial, which took place at the Children’s Playground last weekend.

Mr Dogley said he chose the title as he wanted to link it with this year’s national theme, Koste Seselwa.

The artist, who is part of the Singers of Charity group, said it was his own idea to compose this song, whose lyrics call on citizens to join in the fight against HIV/Aids.

The main sponsor is fishing company Socomep Pty Ltd, which he said helped him with the song as it was for a good cause. And Mr Dogley thanked its managing director, Nyrna Lablache, for supporting his initiative.

He is now calling on other individuals or companies who would like to sponsor him for an album, which will feature the six songs about Aids he already has in his collection.

He also thanked the Waterloo Factory, Ital Cars and France-based company Dupoint for supporting him and his song.

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