Indian high commission gives books to court


Mr Kumar Nag (left) hands over a sample of the books to CJ Perera

He handed the books over to Chief Justice Ranjan Perera in a short ceremony at the court earlier this month. Also present were judges Durai Karunakaran and Mohan Burhan, and Master and Registrar Melchior Vidot.

The books are in sets of two, entitled The Law of Evidence, The Code of Civil Procedure and The Code of Criminal Procedures.
Mr Kumar Nag explained that Seychellois and Indian law have many similarities since both are based on the British legal system, so the books will be very useful for both research and reference.

He added that the gift is part of the ongoing contacts between the two countries; previous donations to the Supreme Court have included books about narcotics control and cyber-crime.

Chief Justice Perera thanked the high commissioner and said such gifts are always welcome since people using the court’s library find this kind of book particularly useful.

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