President describes as "malicious" Regar's claim about Descroches


He said this is a malicious accusation aimed at tarnishing his image and making the people lose confidence in him and the work he is doing.

Mr Michel said it is important that we are always honest and frank and the time has come for us to stop making cheap politics aimed at soiling the character of others.

Mr Michel made these remarks at the consultative meeting held at Port Glaud at the weekend (see lead story in Creole).
His remarks come a day after the Island Development Company (IDC), which manages Desroches, had also refuted the Regar allegations.

The IDC had said in a statement that the Regar article is a “complete fabrication, of irresponsible journalism, that has been written in a malicious manner”.

The IDC has asked for a correction and an apology in the next edition of Regar.

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