Letter to the Editor-All major resorts have presidential suites


I immediately saw the folly of the claim because it is unthinkable that a president would want to live in a hotel among tourists.

What makes the matter laughable is that the writer is likely to be a Seychellois in a country that depends so much on tourism.

That paper in fact often carries articles about the trade, and one would have expected him or the editor to have realised the establishment on Desroches is being built along the same lines as other major tourist establishments, each of which has a “presidential villa” or a few of them.

It was quite laughable that the paper even decided to use that article as its lead story, and regrettable that the editor’s lack of basic knowledge was used to malign the name of the president.

It is a pity also because instead of educating those among us who do not know that big hotels have presidential villas, the paper decided to confuse its readers.


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