Greece says our government is strong on social welfare


He also said Seychelles is doing well economically despite the economic reforms, which he believes are going “quite well”.

Mr Loundras made these comments after presenting his credentials to President James Michel at State House, becoming Greece’s eighth ambassador.

“You’ve had a very good and strong government all these years, which shows you understand the possibilities of welfare for the people,” he said.

Mr Loundras (left) presents his credentials to President Michel

“That’s a very good sign, and economically you are doing well even though the reforms are a bit difficult, but this is a temporary problem,” he said.

Mr Loundras’ discussions with the President centred on further improving relations between the two countries; he noted Seychelles and Greece have supported each other in international forums and will continue to do so.

There has already been collaboration through which Greece has offered scholarships, and this will carry on, he added. Also, the possibilities of Greek investment here and of more tourists from his islands discovering our many islands will be explored.

Ambassador Loundras also called on National Assembly speaker Dr Patrick Herminie, cabinet ministers and other senior government officials.
He replaces Palyabre Kokonas and will be based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Seychelles and Greece established diplomatic relations in November 1982.
Like Seychelles, Greece is facing economic difficulties, and the International Monetary Fund on Monday cut the country’s economic forecast, urging immediate spending cuts and advising the Mediterranean nation to collect more taxes to restore confidence. Its economy is expected to contract this year.

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