Letter to the Editor-They see a hare behind every bush


The terms “presidential suite” and “presidential villa” are about the top-end rating of a hotel facility. Regar deliberately linked the facility on Desroches to the head of state. There are gullible people around, but the majority of Seychellois are not that dumb.

It is an abuse of the right of expression and press freedom. It is as if the newspapers, especially the opposition media, have taken the stance of writing anything damaging about people they want out of their way and then challenging the victims to “come and get me if you can”, knowing very well that the cases will drag on in court.

It is left to the victims to prove their innocence.

The writers, editors, publishers and printers are like boys who have just been given guns for hunting. Behind every bush there is a hare. And they start shooting at every bush.      

In April 2002 Gerhard Schroeder, the former chancellor of Germany, started a court case against a news agency that had suggested that he dyed his hair.
It is a frivolous matter, but the former chancellor felt that the allegation was damaging his credibility, something he was not prepared to tolerate in an election year. He won.

On May 15, 2009 Regar’s front page retracted a false article it wrote about Seychelles’ and France’s involvement in fighting piracy. The paper said: “We regret the inaccurate information.”

The Island Development Company, too, is expecting a correction and apology from Regar.

V. Charles

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