Import permits to ensure boats meet standards


Yachts are among the vessels that will now need import permits

This follows the addition of a range of vessels to the restricted items list.
Lt Col Michael Rosette, who heads the Maritime Safety Unit, said this yesterday and added that importers should first apply to the Ministry of Finance, which will then refer them to his unit to give details about the vessels.

Lt Col Rosette said the safety unit, the ministry and Seychelles Ports Authority have Lt Col Rosettereviewed the relevant rules and decided they need to ensure vessels being brought into Seychelles meet the required standards, hence the revision of the Harmonised System Code on imported items that was published on May 19.

“After verifying the details, we will recommend whether the vessels are suitable for import or not,” he said.
“They should meet fabrication standards overseas and must have been recently surveyed to ensure, for example, that equipment on board meets International Maritime Organisation standards.”

The condition of seagoing vessels already in the country is certified through annual checks, Lt Col Rosette added.
About five vessels that appear on the new list are imported in the country every month, he said.

The vessels that have been put on the restricted items list include cruise ships, excursion boats and similar vessels designed to transport people, ferry boats of all kinds, and refrigerated vessels, except certain exempted types.

Other restricted vessels are yachts and boats used for pleasure or sports, rowing boats and canoes. These include inflatable boats, sailboats with or without auxiliary engines and motorboats other than outboard motorboats.

Importers should apply through the Import and Export Permit Section of the Finance Ministry’s Policy and Strategy Division.

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