Hairdressers form new association


Mr Roselie conducting the workshop on Monday

The Hairdressers’ Association of Seychelles was formed in collaboration with the Small Enterprise Promotion Agency (Senpa), which held a one-day workshop at Care House on Monday.

This session was organised for hairdressers, barbers, hairbraiders and suppliers of hair products after a request to Senpa from the Seychelles Licensing Authority.

Customers have complained that some people involved in hairdressing are not professional and their work is not of a good standard.

The workshop, which was conducted using PowerPoint presentations by business consultant Peter Roselie, is among several being held by Senpa to help small businesses be more effective.

They are also held to bring together small and medium enterprises into associations to gain maximum economic and financial benefit.

During the session, the delegates learned about the history of cooperatives and associations, both in Seychelles and internationally, about the importance of forming such bodies and how to manage them.

Mr Roselie also explained aspects of the new association’s constitution and presented a copy to them before it was approved.
An executive committee was elected and its chairperson is Maryline Reginald,                 with Denise Toule as vice-chairperson. 
The association’s treasurer is Zubeda Vandagne, and Lucia Dyer was chosen as secretary.
Other elected members include Vania Hoareau responsible for fundraising, Pauline Freminot for ethics and standards and Arthur Toule as public relations officer.

Mr Roselie briefed those present on the role of each committee member and how they can work to benefit all members of the association.

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