More comfort for Les Mamelles crèche children


The hand over of the benches

The handover ceremony took place at the crèche recently in the presence of the primary school’s headteacher, Cyril Pillay, parents, teachers and students, members of the committee and youth workers at Les Mamelles.

Mr Pillay accepted the donation of five benches from one of the youth workers, Simon Barra.
The committee also gave a set of new pencil cases to children at the crèche, some of whom sang songs and recited poems for the audience.

The hand over of pencil cases

The donation was organised as part of activities to mark Global Youth Service Day, a worldwide event that celebrates the contribution of young people to their communities.

A competition to paint the donated benches was held from March 23 to April 9 under the national theme Koste Seselwa (Come Together Seychellois) for Plaisance secondary students, working in pairs. 

Several criteria, such as creativity and application of colours, were used by the art teachers to judge the designs on the benches.

Those who took part in the competition were presented with certificates after the handover, and the three best pairs also received cash prizes.

The competition winners proudly display their certificates

Sharif Lebon and Sebastien Radegonde won first prize, followed by Shanny Constance and Steffi Robert in second place with Whitney Maria and Samuel Larue third.

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