Bank gives dictionaries to primary pupils


The hand over of the dictionaries at the La Rosiere school

The campaign – My Words, My World – aims to give every primary four, five and six pupil in all state schools a comprehensive Collins French-English dictionary.
It is the bank’s way of supporting the Ministry of Education and schools at a time when the country is going through economic difficulties.

Seychelles is the second country after Mauritius to start the campaign.
My Words, My World was launched locally at La Rosiere primary school by MCB managing director Jocelyn Ah-Yu in the presence of principal secretary for education Jeanne Simeon, director general for schools Merida Delcy, school headteacher Vivienne Préa, officials from the Ministry of Education, teachers and parents.

Mr Ah-Yu said the donation forms part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility and its aim is to highlight the importance of words in a child’s development and everyday life.

He said the donation will equally promote the effective use of both the French and English languages.
He added that a dictionary is a priceless gift that allows us to better understand the world we are living in as everything around us is word-based.

“The dictionaries will boost the children’s ability to communicate in other languages, which is now becoming a must as Seychelles is opening its doors wider to the world, especially in technology development, which is turning it into a small village,” said Mr Ah-Yu.

He added that the need to communicate in different languages is increasing with the growth in the country’s labour market.
It is a must nowadays for employees in economic sectors such as tourism and financial services – including banks – to communicate in more than one language, added Mr Ah-Yu.

He reminded those present that if anyone wants to be fluent in a language – both in speaking and writing it – he or she should start learning it at an early age, and the My Words, My World campaign is the perfect step in that direction.

Mrs Delcy described yesterday’s donation as the ideal step towards setting up a spirit of partnership in developing education in the country.

She said it comes at an opportune moment now the ministry – through its school improvement programme – is focusing on developing reading as well as promoting English and French at primary level.

Mrs Delcy added that apart from enriching someone’s vocabulary, a dictionary boosts motivation to read and enriches the ability to understand.

Mr Ah-Yu then handed over copies of the dictionary to Mrs Simeon and Mrs Delcy before a student presented him with a token of appreciation on behalf of the school.

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