Chinese government gives surgical equipment


Ambassador Wang and Mrs Berlouis sign the documents related to the donation

Chinese ambassador to Seychelles Wang Weiguo made the donation at Victoria hospital to Health Services Agency chief executive Marise Berlouis, in the presence of Minister for Health and Social Development Marie-Pierre Lloyd and staff, as well as Chinese doctors.

The equipment includes acupuncture pins, needles, operating brushes, syringes, operating scissors and surgical gloves.

On behalf of the ministry and government, Mrs Berlouis thanked the ambassador for the contribution, which she said comes at a perfect time as the surgical unit at Victoria hospital is being upgraded.

Guests view the equipment

The Chinese government is also funding the project for a new hospital and health centre at Anse Royale.
Mrs Berlouis said the Chinese government has helped our health system in various ways in the past, by making donations and by sending Chinese doctors to work in Seychelles.

Mr Wang said there is good medical cooperation between the two countries and added that this donation should be of great benefit to the surgery unit.

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