Dental therapists learn sign language


Mrs Gardner leading the first training session with a group of dental therapists

The first session, which took place at the English River Health Centre recently, was led by APHI chairperson Anita Gardner.
It covered topics such as the history and culture of deafness, its causes and hearing-impaired people in Seychelles and worldwide.

Mrs Gardner said the APHI is targeting other groups, with its aim being to make signing a fourth national language in Seychelles.

She said she is ready to teach to help break this barrier to communication, alongside sign language teachers Bernet Botsoie and Shana David, who will both be leading the other sessions.

Mrs Gardner said experts from overseas will evaluate the trainees and the classes, which will be both practical and theory.

Dental therapist Renda Underwood, who is chairperson of their association, said this will help them to liaise more closely with parents and to deliver messages about tooth care.

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