Praslin brothers’ long-awaited album on sale


The front cover of the album Sa EnnThe brothers, who appeared on the local music scene in 2002 with their debut album Move Tan, have now released their third album together, entitled Sa Enn. It took about 18 months to complete and was recorded in the Island Vibration Studio on Praslin. The final arrangement and mix was done at the Relation Studio by Eddie Telemaque.

The album has 12 songs written by the brothers, as well as two tracks originally written and sung by veteran local singers – Mon Oule Rezoli by David Philoe and Bouze Liza by Giovanni Ally.

Selvin and Percy have kept the style of music by which they are popularly known – sega and reggae. They have also added a taste of acoustic ballad with the Sa Enn track, which is a love song.

Songs are based on everyday life situations but are full of morals and food for thought. Songs like Nou Sosyete tackle the issue of our social morality, which the brothers feel is rapidly degenerating.

Dan Nou Pei is a song about love and peace in our beautiful country. Also there are Sov Mwan and Mon Papa, which have a taste of spirituality so listeners may get the message of living a just life before our father, God Almighty.
Included also are a birthday song and a song called La Digue.

The female backing vocalists on the album are Octavie Prosper and Aline Berlouis.
The brothers think the current economic situation may affect their sales but believe their album will go well with their local fans and also with guests in hotels where they perform.

They say they have faced many financial difficulties while producing the album and they thank their family and friends who have persevered with them during its production. Their thanks also go to Joseph Sinon for his logistical help.
The album Sa Enn is on sale at the usual CD outlets and can be bought from the brothers themselves.

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