New tax to cut down on litter


The tax – which took effect on May 1 – is part of the waste-free Seychelles campaign that the Department of Environment launched in 2007.

Principal secretary for environment Didier Dogley said they decided to introduce the measure after an increase in empty drink cans carelessly thrown away.

He explained that the new step follows other measures used to control the disposal of paper, plastic bags and polyethylene terephthalate (Pet) bottles.

Mr Dogley said his department, in collaboration with other ministries and partners involved in imports, are working on a special programme that will be published soon.

This, he said, includes tender-out and collection activities. The programme will be similar to the one for Pet bottles, and the final price per can has yet to be decided.

He also said socio-economic factors were taken into consideration while imposing the levy, in line with the government’s policy to better people’s lives during the economic reform.

“The levy is to ease the removal of the cans after usage and to protect the environment, not to add to families’ expenses,” said Mr Dogley.

He added that once the tender-out process is completed, the collected cans will be exported.

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