SCAA renovates school computer labs


Guests tour the newly renovated labs after its official handover

The work was done by the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority after it approached the school management to offer its help.
This forms part of the SCAA’s social responsibility towards the community and its commitment to contribute in fields such as education, culture and the environment.

Funds are allocated in its annual budget to support projects at community and national level.
Attending the handover of the newly renovated IT labs yesterday, to mark Children’s Day, were director for resources planning and management Odile Octave, SCAA chief executive Gilbert Faure and several of his staff, the school’s headteacher Sheila Pool, teachers, students and members of its Parents Teachers Association.

Work done in the labs included laying tiles, upgrading the lighting and air-conditioning system, painting, cleaning the computer sets and replacing doors.

Mr Faure said education is one of their top priorities, and it is in this line that the company chose to make computer lessons more pleasant for students using the labs.

He said the spirit of the national theme Koste Seselwa was clearly displayed, with the staff joining forces with some parents and students in the renovation work.

The SCAA is adopting the two labs to ensure they are well maintained in the future.
Mr Faure called on the students to take good care of the rooms so they remain an ideal environment for their studies and he thanked the SCAA employees who helped complete the project.

Those present were invited to view a photo exhibition on the progress of work carried out over a four-week period.
Mrs Pool said the SCAA came at the right time, offering to support the school by repairing a part of the infrastructure that needed urgent maintenance.

She said such initiatives are warmly welcomed by the Ministry of Education and called on other organisations and individuals to follow the step taken by the SCAA.

On behalf of the students, the school’s head girl, Kelly-Anne Pothin, thanked the company for its contribution and pledged to keep both rooms clean and well-maintained.

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