Graduates set to play key role in helping youth


Mr Vidot addressing guests and graduates at Saturday’s launch

An average of four graduates from each district were present on Saturday for the launch of the Youth Advisory Forum, which brings them together to play a key role in designing programmes for their peers.

Attending the launch at the National Institute of Education were Community Development, Youth, Sports and Culture Minister Vincent Meriton, principal secretary for youth Denis Rose, its director general Emmanuel Toussaint, National Assembly member Clifford Andre and several youth department staff.

The Youth Advisory Forum is an initiative of the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC), which elected a new executive committee recently with Kevin Vidot as chairman. The SNYC will coordinate the work of the forum.

The idea behind the initiative is that youth development is evolving, and it is important to identify challenges and introduce new programmes to respond to them.

The new forum is set to advise and collaborate with the Youth Division and the SNYC on important youth development programmes to create a healthier and stronger young generation.

It will also bring forward young graduates so they can make a contribution not only in their particular field but in society as a whole.

Five university graduates who are not active in any political field will join two members of the SNYC’s executive committee to head the advisory forum.

Members will meet every two months, and action taken will be evaluated on a quarterly or yearly basis.
Mr Vidot said the forum will play an important role in youth development and is part of the SNYC and Youth Division’s action plan for the next two years.

He said it forms part of a plan to research and bring forward initiatives to help reduce the problems faced by this young generation.

“The forum will bring a difference for the youth as the graduates will be able to use their knowledge, expertise and professionalism and join other youths in the development of their capacities,” he said.

Speaking at the launching of the forum, he told the graduates to use this chance to invest in the development of their country and said their contribution will have a positive influence on the government’s decisions regarding youth.

He called on the group to take an active role in reducing negative influences on the youngsters, and he urged others to join in the process.

Mr Meriton thanked the youth council for this initiative, which he said will bring benefits both at community and national level.

He also thanked the youth workers for their contribution to the development of our young people and asked the graduates and members of other youth groups to work together for a more positive outcome.

He told them to bring other youngsters forward so they too can develop their potential to the maximum and help in the country’ socio-economic development.

The forum’s terms of reference were then presented to the audience and an open debate on them was held.
The graduates took part in their first discussion, on employment and youth, and the meeting ended by adopting the points recommended for presentation to the ministry concerned.

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