Consumers urged not to pay cement store


This follows complaints made since January to the National Consumers Forum (Natcof) by customers who have paid for cement but not received any.

Natcof said in a press release yesterday it has contacted the store’s owner, Rosemay Victor, several times and has advised her not to accept any more payments from consumers until the backlog is sorted out.

But Mrs Victor is still taking money from consumers, Natcof said. More than 15 complaints have been made, involving a total of over R100,000 paid to the Rico Store.

The situation then became “alarming” according to Natcof when, at a meeting on June 1 with the store’s owner, it was established that more than R500,000 was collected from consumers from November 2008 to May 2009, and those consumers are still waiting for their cement.

Mrs Victor said at this meeting that they do not have sufficient funds to import cement to cover the backlog or to refund money to customers.

Natcof has informed the police, and the CID is now investigating the case. Meanwhile, the public are urged not to deposit money with the Rico Store until further notice.

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