Judge gives President report on Hoareau tragedies


Judge Fernando hands over his report to President Michel

The judge said on Thursday that he heard the evidence of 50 witnesses but was not able to rule that the seven-year-old was indeed dead.

It appeared to the court that Abdul Rahim’s clothes had not been damaged by a sea creature or any other animal, and there were doubts over whether the DNA tests carried out had actually been done on the boy’s intestines or on human remains at all.
Judge Fernando said he had recommended that the police continue investigations into the boy’s disappearance.

Saying the evidence of the police was unreliable and that he will in fact seek the prosecution of one of the officers questioned – for lying – he said there was a lack of forensic evidence to show whether injuries found on the boy’s father, Morris Hoareau, were sustained when he fell off a cliff or were the result of him being hit.

Secretary of State Jean-Paul Adam recalled that President Michel asked the judge to conduct the inquiry and said the report has many recommendations, especially on the manner in which the police carried out their investigations.

“The President will ask the police to implement those recommendations immediately,” he said.

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