32nd anniversary of Liberation Day-Liberation heroes honoured


Vice-President Belmont leads the youths in the annual wreath-laying ceremony at the Zonm Lib monument

He was accompanied by two youths from Roche Caiman -- Hilary Gay and Jean Paul Laira -- during the event that is traditionally hosted to honour the country's June 5 liberation heroes.

Two youths from each district then laid a wreath at the monument, to the tune of music played by the National Brass band.
This year the event unfolded for the first time under the ruling party’s new name, Parti Lepep (formerly Seychelles People’s Progressive Front, which was also celebrating its 45th anniversary).

Also present at the wreath laying ceremony were members of the National Assembly from the ruling party, Central Committee and other members of Parti Lepep and of the public. The event also attracted a number of tourists.

After the ceremony the youths posed for a souvenir photo in front of the Zonm Lib, and joined the other people present in singing party songs and chanting slogans.

Youths who took part in the wreath-laying ceremony pose for a souvenir photograph infront of the Zonm Lib monument

Also as part of activities to mark Liberation day, district branches held special ceremonies in the afternoon to thank all activists of the party who have served on district committees.

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