Boxing-Individual title winners Eric Bervas and Molle shine


Pictured in action against Tomking, Eric Bervas (right) won the best junior boxer title

Winner on points – 3-0 – against Jovanie Mondon in one of the two 60kg bouts, Eric Bervas was voted the best junior fighter.

Before last Thursday’s win, he had lost 0-3 to Kurt Tomking in his first fight before meeting Dave Aglaé in an exhibition bout in May.

The senior title went to Molle, who got a unanimous 3-0 win over Hervé Joubert in the 64kg category.

Molle had lost his previous fight on a 0-3 score against 2004 African champion Kitson Julie and was unhappy with the result.

Julie was made to dig deep into his reserves for a 2-1 win when he exchanged leather with up-and-coming Alva Botsoie in the other 64kg fight of three rounds three minutes.

This is Julie’s second consecutive victory after making his comeback last month following an 18-month lay-off.

In front of his fans, Stephane Bonne wanted to get a third win inside the time limit, but he could not and was lucky not to be knocked out.

As he was stretched to three rounds by Kurt Tomking, Bonne also dropped points on the way to a 2-1 victory in the 60kg bout. In his first two fights, Bonne caught the less-experienced Alexander Durup on the chin with a left hook with 42 seconds left in the second round of his 60kg fight to force the referee to make a second count of eight, before stopping the fight.

In his second fight, he used a devastating left-right combination to the head with just nine seconds gone in the third round to send Gilbert Havelock sprawling to the canvas. Referee Rival Payet took a look at Havelock, who had taken a count of eight 44 seconds into the second round, and declared the 62kg fight over without taking a second count.

Dave Aglaé was a 2-1 winner against junior fighter Stan Nicette in the 57kg division, Ryan Bastienne won 2-1 winner against Denis Gabriel in the 45kg category and Steve Marie edged Marvin Hypolite 2-1 in a 54kg fight.

The three 48kg winners were Daniel Mothé (against Stephen Bervas), Jean-Luc Bistoquet (against Dino Philoé) and Ryan Alice (against Terry Nassib). They all won on 2-1 scores.

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