Teachers now get higher level local training


The opening session of the course yesterday

The first batch of 29 students – mostly in-service teachers with a part-two level diploma – started the course yesterday with an introductory session in the presence of NIE director Alex Souffe and the institute’s senior lecturers.

During the six-month session, which leads to the Bachelor of Education (BEd) entry point, the trainee teachers will cover four main topics – research and reflection, education development in Seychelles, curriculum theory and practice and special needs.

After successfully completing the advanced diploma, students will be eligible to follow the BEd course, which will also be delivered locally by the NIE ¬– and accredited by the upcoming University of Seychelles.

Mr Souffe explained that the NIE decided to introduce the high-level course locally after they reached the end of a long-term agreement with the Edith Cowan University in Australia, which allowed Seychellois students with a part-two diploma to pursue their studies at degree level.

He said with the introduction of the university, the government – through the Ministry of Education – feels the NIE is ready in terms of quality manpower to offer the course locally. More than half of the NIE staff have the Master of Education level, which allows them to teach BEd courses, he added.

In terms of references, Mr Souffe said the NIE, in collaboration with the University of Seychelles, will work out necessary strategies with international educational institutes to ease the students’ access to high-level information and required resources to smooth their learning.

Mr Souffe added that offering the course locally will give more teachers the chance to upgrade their level and boost their teaching abilities, especially primary teachers. He also explained that the advanced diploma can be an exit point for students who do not want to pursue their studies at degree level.

As for practising teachers with an education diploma level two, Mr Souffe said it will soon be obligatory for them to follow the advanced diploma course as the ministry will set up new qualification standards for teachers.

In terms of accreditation, the NIE will work under the umbrella of Seychelles University, which will bear the responsibility of gaining official approval for the study programme – developed by the NIE and validated by the Seychelles Qualification Authority.

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