Assembly approves extra R181m for government spending


This is the second supplementary appropriation for this year that it has approved, after a request for R28,450,081 was given the go-ahead in April.

A motion asking the assembly to approve the sum was tabled by the leader of government business Marie-Louise Potter and seconded by elected member for Anse Boileau Andre Pool.

A sum of R42,008,000 is being requested by ministries and departments as follows:
• To finance the cost of fuel needed to patrol our waters in the fight against piracy;
• To buy new and upgrade existing maritime communications equipment, also needed to tackle piracy;
• To finance printing of the newly approved standing orders of the assembly, the opening of the new assembly building later this year, and also airfares for La Digue and Praslin MNAs;
• To finance the salary of the newly appointed chief justice and salaries of the judiciary support staff;
• To pay for the electricity and rent of the Legal Affairs Department, as this was omitted in its annual budget.

R11,950,000 will go to fund social programmes for the control and prevention of drug abuse and prostitution.
R25 million is to pay arrears the government has, mainly with the Public Utilities Corporation. 

R992,000 will go towards funding local musicians taking part in the 6th Francophonie Games, the salary of a sports doctor that had not been budgeted for and the operations of an overseas training fund.

And finally, R101,050,000 is needed to fund capital projects including completion of Mont Fleuri primary school and Beau Vallon Health Centre, the first phase of the Amitie stadium, the completion of some housing projects, the districts’ environmental cleaning and landscaping programmes, and new electricity cables for the eastern and southern regions of Mahe.
Mrs Potter said the government needs this extra money so as to continue with its development projects.

After seconding the motion, Mr Pool told the members that before it was tabled, Finance Minister Danny Faure met members of the assembly’s finance committee to explain the reasons for the request.
The motion received the support of the majority party in the assembly, while the opposition abstained.

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