Let’s work together, fathers say on their day


Calling on them to heed this year’s call for all Seychellois to Come Together as our 2009 national theme urges, the Association of Fathers Promoting Responsible Parenthood (AFPRP) says working together will help networking and form a common front against scourges like substance abuse.

As it marks Father’s Day on Tuesday, the association says such unity will also help all parents contribute to their children’s education by taking part in, and acting on resolutions coming from meetings like the one shown in the picture below.

The AFPRP says there are many forums where Seychellois fathers can meet, share and carry out ideas, for example at their workplaces, in their neighbourhoods or at national events.

As all sectors pull together in line with the theme, let those of us who are fathers seek meaningful ways of coming together for the sake of our families, communities and country so we can improve on what our government always strives to help us achieve.

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