Leaders of church-related groups gain new skills


Those who took part in the workshop pose for a souvenir photograph after receiving their certificates

A total of 26 people took part in the seminar at the St Joseph de Cluny convent in Victoria, representing groups such as Couples for Christ, Caritas and the Family Support Group.

The sessions, from May 18-23, were led by Sister Alice, who has just returned to the convent after following overseas training.

According to Edwina Adrienne, workshop organiser and also president of the Association for the Promotion of Solid Humane Families, such training was needed to improve the skills of the leaders.

“We gave them overall skills for the various duties of running a group,” she said.
“They are now more equipped with skills to, for example, listen to the other members, motivate others, distribute roles, run a meeting and draw out the rather shy people in a group.”

Mrs Adrienne said they originally targeted only groups directly related to the church but then decided to expand so other groups would benefit.

The training project will be ongoing, with a total of 120 people targeted.

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