Seychelles Post looks to expand services,introduce new ones


Mr NolinHe was speaking after a recent visit to the Mauritius Post which, he said, will help in the restructuring process here.
Mr Nolin said Mauritius is advanced in several services that Seychelles Post plans to introduce, and its help was sought through contacts made at various international forums.

The visit to Mauritius was sponsored by the Indian Ocean Commission.
Last July, the headquarters of the Seychelles Post in Liberty House, Victoria, had major refurbishment work done, and the new-look public area was widely praised.

Mr Nolin said since then restructuring has begun, and the Seychelles Post has been working on a new policy, a new Act and a strategic plan.

Among the new services it plans to introduce are bill payments for utilities and local courier services, personalised delivery and the sale of stationery.

Meanwhile, Mr Nolin said the Seychelles Post and the Mauritius Post are working to develop a memorandum of understanding to explore and expand an express mail service at competitive prices, which will better serve both communities.

The Victoria Post Office. Seychelles Post has a lot of potential for further development and expansion, according to Mr Nolin

He gave the example that local small businesses could order spare parts or other products through the express mail service and Seychelles could export goods or local artifacts to Mauritius.

Other areas that could be explored under this agreement are electronic money transfers and related services, and also the use of the Mauritius Postal Academy for training.

Mr Nolin, who has some 30 years’ experience in postal services, said the Seychelles Post has a lot of potential for further development and expansion.

He is also planning to attract more visitors through a gradual transformation of the Victoria Post Office public area and sub-offices.

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