New moves to teach sustainable development


Mrs Ernesta addressing delegates at the seminar

They did so at a seminar held on Wednesday at the National Institute of Education, where experts gave presentations on their fields of work.

The presenters included educationist Audrey Nanon, Jeanette Larue from environment education, Alain St Ange who spoke on tourism, Elisa Socrate from fisheries, Antoine-Marie Moustache who talked about food security, public health commissioner Dr Jude Gedeon, sociologist Marie-Josee Bonne and economist Hilda Palconit.

The director-general for technical and further education, Fiona Ernesta, said sustainable development seeks to ensure better lives for people, without putting at risk the environment for future generations.

“It is about connecting today to tomorrow so that what we refrain from doing today helps create a better future for the people and the country,” she said.

“It is about connecting big ideals to small practical solutions. Achieving sustainable development requires changes in human attitudes and values.”

Mrs Ernesta said making the changes needs education and training, so colleges can play an important role in developing a generation of individuals who will take on the challenge of achieving socio-economic development.

“Post-secondary school programmes will have to reflect changes needed to provide knowledge skills that will help our students develop the attitudes and behaviour for a country to achieve holistic and sustainable development,” she said.
Consideration will be given to including appropriate modules for secondary school students, she added.

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