Prefab building materials now on restricted list


The change is the only one relating to these materials that appears in the new procedures for imports, the planning authority has said.

The authority’s chief executive, Jones Belmont, was giving details of imports that feature in the recently published Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) Code 2002.

The amended code includes changes in the import of goods that are either restricted or prohibited in the country, as well as changes involving domestic taxes on import items which have been aligned to import rates.

Mr Belmont said the change was necessary as it is an international standards recommendation.
He explained that with the increase in the cost of construction materials locally, pre-fabricated buildings are being seen as the ideal substitute in terms of cost-cutting. But he said importers must get the necessary permit and certificate.

He also urged them to take care while importing materials, to verify whether or not they are banned locally and to bring in materials that meet the required standards.

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