Shoppers warned over expired goods at supermarket


Some of the expired goods at the Le Rocher supermarket

Following a tip-off from a concerned consumer, the National Consumers Forum (Natcof) visited the supermarket yesterday morning and found that three different items on sale at very low prices were already out of date. These were cooking wine, which expired last year, cans of 100plus soft drink and three different flavours of cup noodle soup.

Even more alarming was the fact that there were quite a number of rusty cans of food without an expiry date on them, Natcof said in a press release.

The case has already been referred to the Food Control Unit at the Ministry of Health. In the meantime Natcof is urging all consumers shopping at Le Rocher supermarket to be more alert as it knows there are other products such as juice, lasagne and more cups of noodle soup that will expire in the next few days.

Three weeks ago, Natcof had to ask the management of Le Rocher supermarket to remove expired products from the shelves, and it is calling on all the authorities concerned to look into the matter urgently.

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