Independent School students receive IGCSE certificates


A souvenir photograph of the Independent School students who received their IGCSE certificates on Saturday

The ceremony, which took place at the National Theatre, Mont Fleuri, was attended by members of the school’s management, parents and teachers.

Out of the 46 students, six scored at least nine A star or A grades, while the remaining 40 obtained five or more grades between A star and C in the exams set by the University of Cambridge.

They received their certificates from the chairman of the school’s board of governors, David Andre.
Addressing the graduates and their parents, school director Patrick Berlouis said the group surpassed all expectations as some students had been lacking application and motivation before the exams.

He explained that one of the positive characteristics of the group has been the solidarity between them which, he said, has been noted in many instances when they stood up for one another.

Mr Berlouis added that other strong points of the group that contributed to their success were their willingness to accept responsibility, helpfulness and also their ability to organise and get things done.

And on the extra-curricular activities front, the group were not afraid to take up challenges of a non-academic nature, he said.

He assured the students that skills gained during their 13 years at the school – an enquiring mind, love of learning and the ability to study on their own – are indispensable qualities that will help them progressively to take responsibility for their own learning process.

Mr Berlouis also thanked the parents who entrusted the Independent School with the education of their children.
“I hope that you consider the decision you took many years ago to have been the correct one and that the many sacrifices you made over the years for their education have been worth it,” he added.

All the 46 students qualified for the International Certificate of Education (ICE), which is awarded to students who pass seven or more IGCSE subjects from the five different subject groups.

They must pass at least two from group one, languages, and at least one from each of the remaining four groups, which are sciences, humanities and social sciences, mathematics, and creative, technical and vocational subjects. 
There were 18 ICE awards with distinctions and 23 with merits.

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