Letter to the Editor-Get it right please


In a democracy, people have varying opinions which are listened to. This is precisely what the Seychelles Tennis Association (STA) executive committee has done. We realise that in any human/sporting organisation, people have a right to having their own views about rules of a locally conceived Tennis League such as the Vijay League.

Of course, it is only human and natural for the participants to view the rules set up by a sub organising committee differently, which is healthy. This is exactly what has happened. The STA took into consideration the views of the league participants and reached a concensus of opinion resulting in the creation of eight teams.

In spite of some regrettable delay, the Vijay League should start soon and we should have ample time to see it through before the end of the year.

The team captains, once they were known, were consulted. This is why the rules were reviewed by the executive committee in the light of their suggestions. An outcome of such consultation, for instance, is that the registration fee will be waived this time.

To say, therefore, that the committee has imposed its will is ludicrous if not malicious. There was no question of the committee 'making up' teams of its own choosing. The captains have created their own teams. All the committee did, in the spirit of justice and fair play in what is meant to be a socially-oriented league apart from the competitive element and in strict accordance with the wishes of the sponsor, Mr Patel of Vijay Construction, was to devise a system whereby a team captain would not be able to grab all the strongest players so that every team would have a fair chance.

Let us not create problems where there are none and when they do arise, they get sorted out amicably and democratically in a sporting spirit.

John L. Adam
Chairman, Seychelles Tennis Association

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